Whether you plan to rent a party bus, a limo, or an airport shuttle bus, utilizing professional driving services comes with a lot of benefits. During the week business travel and corporate customers make up about 50% of limo services. These customers are often traveling in groups to a location for large business meetings. In these cases, shuttle buses are an excellent option. Many people don’t think to hire professional shuttle services, but in truth, they are often more effective and more efficient than hiring a limo or driving yourself. Here are some reasons you would want to hire shuttle buses.


    • StressTravel can be stressful, especially when you are going to a new place. Among the chief concerns for most travelers is their car. When you drive yourself to the airport, do you want to leave your car in the airport parking lot for that long? What about when you get to your destination, do you want to rent a car and find a place to park it? Hiring a shuttle service alleviates both concerns, and comes with a driver who can deal with an traffic along the way. Giving you peace of mind.


    • EnvironmentShuttle buses are an excellent way to help the environment. Because each person who rides the bus means one less car on the road, taking a shuttle creates fewer greenhouse gases and reduces your carbon footprint. In addition, most shuttle buses are held to a higher standard than cars and therefore produce fewer emissions per person on average.


    • TimeTiming is a huge part of your travel plans. Arriving at the airport on time, arriving at your hotel or conference on time. When you hire a shuttle you are able to utilize the driving experience of a seasoned driver. This means your driver is best equipped at handling the traffic, knowing the area, and getting you to your destination on time.

When it comes to business travel, hiring a shuttle bus is an excellent option for both groups and individuals looking to carpool. Shuttle services offer a more efficient means of travel and often can be a better option over hiring a limo.