So your best friend has told you that you’re going to be the best man for his upcoming wedding. Now what? One of the first and most important responsibilities the best man has for a wedding is to plan and organize an incredible bachelor party for the groom. But where to start? If you need to plan a bachelor party for your friend or family member, here are some things you can’t pass up on.

The People

For a bachelor party to really be memorable, you need to make sure all the right people get invited. Yes, this includes the rest of the groomsmen, but don’t forget to include other family and friends that the groom might want to have around for the fun. Get in touch with the groom’s other friends that might not be part of the wedding party; this way the groom will have all the important people there to share the evening with.

The Party

Obviously, this is the most important part of the evening: the party itself. If you can, avoid going for the most obvious party choices and opt for something a little more personal. Find out what your friend’s top interests are, and see if you can plan around those. Is the groom a big gamer? See if you can make a stop at an arcade during the evening. Does he love magic?  Hire a local magician.  Does your friend tend to shy away from larger crowds? Maybe skip the club in favor of having an event with just your close friends around. Make sure that this party is one he’ll enjoy, and not just you.

The Transportation

This is one detail that unfortunately often goes overlooked in planning. You want to make sure the groom and his friends (you included) get to travel in style for the night, especially if there’s going to be drinking involved. There are currently more than 130,000 limousines in service across the country; figure out your party plans early, then get in touch with a limousine service to make sure you’ve got your transportation covered.

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