Riding in a limousine, whether it’s a sleek Cadillac or a bright pink party bus, is a luxurious experience; like indulging in an entire tub of ice cream during the course of a single evening, it isn’t something you do often so it’s supposed to be over the top. And, if you’ve already had a tub of ice cream, what’s one more chocolate bar? Limo services are the same way: once you’re inside, you might as well accept every possible offer available to you. Here are three perks that you shouldn’t deny on your next limo ride.

  • Drinks. Get the bubbly ready! Whether you’re celebrating a wedding, anniversary, or simply want to have a fun night out on the town with some friends, popping a bottle of chilled champagne is always the right way to start the evening. Cheers to your good health in the high-quality crystal glasses (that most people forget are even available) while the night begins.
  • Toys. Some limousine services provide technology for your personal pleasure, like iPads and tablets. If you’re traveling for work or simply from the airport to a hotel or vice versa, you may just want to relax and distract yourself from the sometimes lengthy and boring drive. Additionally, high-tech Bluetooth speakers pump music that you choose through your little transportation haven to make sure the mood is set for the type of evening you plan to have — just load it up and let ‘er rip!
  • WiFi. Maybe it’s the end of the month and you’ve almost gone over your data plan — you don’t have to worry about being slammed in overage fees because many limousine services boast in-vehicle WiFi connections. Check your Insta or type up an important email; you’ve got all the Internet in the world.

You don’t need to rent a 70 foot long, 25-ton limousine to have a great night out (it’s called the Midnight Rider, by the way, and it’s a nightclub on wheels), but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy as much as you can. Make your next limo experience as fun and memorable as possible by indulging in everything it has to offer.