Limousines always guarantee a good time. Whether you’re looking for a custom winery tour with the girls, are on your way to prom, or simply feel like pampering yourself during a night on the town, you can’t go wrong with high-quality limousine services.

We’re all familiar with the sleek, exceptionally long black limo services; with full bars, in-car WiFi, and personal iPads for your playing pleasure, it’s no wonder the classic cars are so popular. However, they’re far from the only option out there. Let’s take a look at the five most crazy and fun limousines ever made.

  1. The Ferrari Long: This thrilling vehicle is the fastest limousine on earth, going from zero to 60 in six seconds and hitting 170 MPH. It seats eight people comfortably (we’re going to guess eight adrenaline junkies).
  2. The 727: If you’ve ever wanted to fly in a plane without actually leaving the ground, this is the limo for you. The massive vehicle can seat an astounding 30 to 50 people and — you guessed it — is designed to look like a Boeing 727. It features a wide screen TV, a fully stocked bar, a fog machine, a dance floor, and even a bed with a mirrored ceiling. Party it up on Cloud Nine in your own private jet/limo.
  3. The Monster: S.D.N Industries took one look at a monster truck and thought “we should put more wheels on that.” This goliath — which sits several feet off the ground and has eight huge monster truck wheels — carries such a ‘wow’ factor that most people use it for advertising; it gets slapped with logo stickers and sent off to a variety of events, like Nascar races and car shows.
  4. The Stretch Harley: This motorbike-car is a custom Harley Davidson American bike built in 1998. It can hold a surprising 10 people in the cab.
  5. The World’s Longest Limo: At 100 feet long, this 26-tired vehicle is truly impressive. It boasts amenities like a spa, swimming pool, sun deck, and king-sized bed — there’s even a mini heli-pad on its hood.

Though you may not experience the thrill of the fastest limo in the world, or fly high in an airplane-themed limo, a ride in a limousine — no matter what size or shape — is always fun.

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