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Meera Joshi Set To Resign As Head Of NYCs Taxi And Limousine Commission


Everybody loves New York City. The very idea of climbing to the top of the towering Empire State building, standing amidst the bright lights of Times Square, or biking through the lush landscape of Central Park has made tourists from all across the world giddy with delight.

Beyond a simple tourist’s visit, the Big Apple is the perfect place for adventure and indulgence: spend a girl’s weekend complete with party buses and nonstop alcohol, or reserve more tasteful limousine services and visit some of the classiest establishments in the country. Though you won’t find the largest limo in the world (measuring in at 70 feet long and weighing 25 tons) maneuvering through the busy city streets, there are more than enough luxury limousine services available to choose from.

It seems that later this year, however, they’ll be undergoing a change of leadership: Meera Joshi, head of the city’s Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC), is resigning. During her tenure, she was able to negotiate a pay increase for drivers from ride-sharing apps, like Uber and Lyft. She thanked the TLC community in a prepared statement, released January 5th.

“It has been an honor to serve New York City through the effective regulation of almost 200,000 drivers in over 130,000 vehicles moving over a million people each day. Thanks to a skilled and principled TLC staff, a Commission dedicated to doing the right thing and engaged industry members and advocates, through public debate and data we increased accountability, safety, access, modernized taxi regulation, protected drivers and increased consumer protections. I am deeply grateful to the TLC community that made this possible.

Her resignation comes at a tumultuous time for New York City cab drivers. Having lost business and money to ride-sharing services, many cab drivers have found themselves crushed under financial devastation. In spite of the ride cap placed on these sharing services (which is supposed to funnel more business toward cabs), cab drivers are experiencing financial despair.

Though Joshi’s replacement has not yet been named, we can only hope that they work toward reducing the harm caused by this split. In the meantime, why not hire a limo service to take your mind off things?