Bel-Aire-Harford-County-Limousine copyEmploying a chauffeur service can be a bit of a gamble. Even when you’ve done your research and found a reputable company, you might wind up with a driver who is less than stellar. However, there are certain signs that reveal your limousine driver as better than average. If you notice the following characteristics in your limo service driver, you know you’ve got a winner.

  • Professional Attire: Limousine services are most frequently requested for formal or special occasions. If you wouldn’t dream of turning up to a wedding, prom, or anniversary underdressed, then why should your chauffeur? A traditional and classy driver should be professionally dressed — no one can argue with a chic black-and-white uniform.
  • Punctuality: Lateness may be fashionable for you, but it isn’t for your driver. Your chauffeur should always arrive between 15 and 20 minutes early at your designated pickup area, no exception. Most quality drivers will ensure this by mapping out their route (including sudden traffic and weather scenarios) far ahead of time. Even the most expensive limo means nothing if it arrives late to a wedding, business meeting, surprise party, or anniversary.
  • Thoughtfulness and Attention To Detail: Chauffeurs should be like the butlers of vehicles. The best of the best will anticipate their passengers’ needs before they even understand it; from umbrellas to tissues and all the crazy, sudden in-between items, a thoughtful chauffeur should have everything prepared well in advance. This impacts climate control systems as well; if you’re paying attention to everything going on in your cab, you’ll know if everyone is comfortable. As a passenger, it should feel like your mind has been read non-stop since the moment you were picked up to the moment you were dropped off at home.

In the U.S., stretch limousines are the second most requested vehicle type for business clients. If you’re a professional, you might not want Argyle from Die Hard to be chatting with you your entire drive — especially if he’s getting a bit too personal with your personal life. Belaire Limousine will guarantee you a smooth ride with an excellent chauffeur.  Just sit back and enjoy the ride.